Our R2B team

In 2022 we were a research-to-business (R2B) project funded by Business Finland and executed by LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.
Timeframe: one year 1.1.-31.12.2022.
Budget: 420 000€.

Mariia Kozlova
Project Leader
Sergey Zakrytnoy
Software Business Advisor
Sofia Ramos
Business Champion
Manuel Beeler
Lead Developer
Julian Scott Yeomans
Senior Researcher
Matteo Bulleri
Alternative Strategy
Leo Tran
Christoph Lohrmann
Machine Learning Expert
Alexander Matrosov
Radical Innovation Expert

Our project

Our supporters


Pasi Sulkanen
Partner, IceCapital, Finland

Mika Kokkonen
Operational Risk Manager, S-Bank, Finland

Alex Sidorenko
Chief Risk Officer, RISK-ACADEMY, Spain

Zhao Hanbo
Head of Business Development and Strategy, Supermetrics, Finland

Sudip Mukhopadhyay
Co-Founder, AirMyne, San Francisco Bay Area

Iuliia Shnai
CEO & Founder, Marble, Finland

... and many more who preferred to stay anonymous due to corporate policies.


Elina Uitamo
Financial Advisor, Business Finland

Sami Saarenketo
Dean of School of Business and Management, LUT University, Finland

Jari Varis
Innovation specialist, LUT University, Finland

Pasi Juvonen
RDI Director, LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Mikael Collan
Professor, LUT University, Finland & Director General, VATT Institute for Economic Research, Finland

Pasi Luukka
Professor, LUT University, Finland

Juha Väätänen
Professor, LUT University, Finland

Tommi Rissanen
Senior Expert, LUT University, Finland

Alex Myers
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder, LUT University, Finland

Maria Uzhegova
Post-Doctoral Researcher, LUT University, Finland

Ekaterina Albats
Post-Doctoral Researcher, LUT University, Finland

Timo Nykänen
Project Engineer, LUT University, Finland